Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The things they say...

Today Hailey had "ketchup milk" for dinner and read a story about "ketchup's house." You guessed it...she's obsessed with ketchup. We had KFC for dinner; chicken, mashed potatoes and mac & cheese but she insisted she had ketchup. Sometimes we give Hailey pink milk (milk with a couple drops of strawberry syrup) because she will gulp it down and tonight was one of those nights. BUT tonight it was ketchup milk. We read a story about Santa and reindeer (when mommy read it) and when Hailey read the same story to her baby it ended up being about visiting ketchup's house. Oh the imagination! :)


Britti said...

I'd comment on this blog post except I'm sitting beside you on the couch and I commented to your face after reading about all the ketchup! Silly girl!!!!

Go to Bed!!!!