Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Cruise - Coco Cay!

Day 3: Coca Cay

Coco Cay is Royal Caribbean private island and we were there all day! The ship docked in the middle of the ocean and then we took a ferry to the island. They brought food to us and we ate a barbecue lunch on the water. I just love how clear and blue the water is!
The gorgeous view to lay out to! They had probably 1,000 lawn chair set up across the beach. It was just the perfect peaceful setting!

Nich and I splurged a bit and did the snorkeling excursion. It was $30 but we rent the equipment all day. Here's a picture of us styling in our gear! Snorkeling was AMAZING!! The water was really clear and we saw fish that I had only seen in salt water fish tanks swimming all around us! We swam out to the reefs and saw the coral and crabs and then out toward the middle of the swimming area and saw all kinds of fish! They also had a couple sunken airplanes and anchors that you could dive down to explore. We didn't (I don't think I'd be coordinated enough to not get water in my mouth!) but the water was shallow enough that we could get a pretty good view.
We ended up going out twice for a total of 2 hours! That doesn't seem like a lot but we were so sore from swimming and kicking our flippers! We didn't realize how much sun we'd get being in the water and on our backs for so long and got really burnt. We swam out to the airplane and there were probably a hundred fish just swimming all around us. It looked like we were in an aquarium. They were so close and so many that I didn't want to move with fear of touching them! I know fish are harmless... Our camera was in the locker so we asked to borrow the masks and life vests as we were heading back to the ship for a photo op!

After our snorkeling work out and lunch we relaxed and shared a hammock. Almost fell asleep it was so nice! Nich thought it was funny that they were tied to pine trees in the Bahamas! :) We came back to the ship for another delightful dinner, enjoyed a show and hung out with some friends to end the night!

One more post to go! Key West!!


Britti said...

you look really tanned in the last picture!!!!

The Paulk's said...

ahhh...so jealous...still :)!! Looks like a ton of fun, maybe you should make it a tradition every year :). (but, invite friends next year ;))