Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I know you all have been waiting patiently for a new post so here we go!! Last week Nich and were so blessed to go on a cruise to the Bahamas! AND Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Johnson watched Hailey for us! At first we were so excited to get away, but we really started missing her! The next couple posts will be packed with pictures and stories of each day!!


Grandpa took us to the airport in Flint around noon on Sunday and we had a quick layover in Atlanta before getting into Miami at 5pm. We waited as the hotel shuttles went past us over and over and then finally we saw it -- Airport Regency! We were a little nervous about what the hotel would look like since it was only $66 night, but they had free shuttles to/from the airport! That was the selling point! We got there and I loved it!

A picture of the lobby as soon as you walk in...marble everywhere!

Here's a picture of the room. It really wasn't very special except it had a balcony overlooking the airport! We got in around dinner time and decided to walk around town to find dinner. Bad idea...we weren't in the touristy part of Miami. We walked for about 4 blocks and only found a Checkers. So we went there and it took so long for the service but food was good. The next morning we got up early and walked to IHOP (we saw it as we were leaving Checkers) and it took about 45 minutes to get our food. We ended up having to get it to go so we could walk back to check out and catch the shuttle to the port. We got there in the nick of time (Haha - Nich hates using his name in a catch phrase!) and ended up eating our breakfast at 11:30 at the port just before we got on the ship! It was such a smooth, quick process and we were on the ship before we knew it! We got settled in and then Nich and I headed up to the top deck to get front row seats as we set sail...we got coveted seats right in the middle . Below is a shot of sailing away!

The water is so blue and so clear! Out to open water!

Posing with a cool Miami City background! We were getting soooo excited!

Gotta love Muster drills!! Each cruise they sound the alarm and everyone on the ship goes to their assigned station. We got their pretty quickly and unfortunately were in the back row and I was getting pretty claustrophobic. Every so often there was a breeze which made it bearable. After the muster stations we were off to Nassau! We had a wonderful dinner and met pretty neat couples, a couple from NY that were on their honeymoon, a couple from Atlanta that had a couple kids, and a Columbian mom and daughter that spoke very little English. It was really nice to get to know others to hang out with on the trip. More to come (I'm getting tired!)


The Paulk's said...

Thanks for the update...FINALLY :)! Looks like things went smoothly and like you had a great time.

PS.I love how huge the life jacket is on you. lol

MelissaB said...

sounds like you had a great time! not gonna, lie, im a little jealous! hehe. no but seriously, cant wait to hear more about it, it sounds wonderful!