Thursday, October 2, 2008

Cruise Continued...


Tuesday morning we woke up bright and early in Nassau, Bahamas! I was thrilled to be in the Bahamas which to me is the ideal vacation. Relaxing on a warm beautiful beach with palm trees all around! Nich - not so thrilled about the warm beach part, but he did well! We had paid for an excursion to Atlantis / Paradise Island to spend the day at the resort. Here are some pictures of Atlantis.

The bridge between the two hotels is a suite that costs $25,000 per NIGHT with a minimum of 4 nights ($1oo,000!!). It's called the Michael Jackson suite because he was the first to stay there. My camera has such a great zoom that I could be like paparazzi!

Too bad no one was on the balcony! I could have sold this picture!

I absolutely love fish and marine life. At the resort there were a ton of little ponds with different types marine life...sting rays, sharks, baby sharks, etc. This pond was all sting rays.

I think this picture is hilarious! The fish at the bottom are grouper (or so I'm told...) and they really are alive! The resort did a great job of remaking Mayan Ruins. They had aquariums all over tunnels under the resorts and under the outside grill. I was in heaven!!

Here's a video of our view of the resort. Everything was sooo cool! It was so big - I figured pictures wouldn't do it justice!

A neat story while we were in Nassau: We were walking through the shops (which were everywhere by the way!) and walked into a Sunglasses store and while I was looking Nich started up a conversation with the clerk. Come to find out he was born and raised in Nassau but went to college in Financial Management at Wayne State here in Michigan!! He met his wife and got married outside of Detroit then moved back to the Bahamas where he was a Senator and a UN representative for the Bahamas until his government lost the election. Then he decided to semi-retire and owns 3 shops in Nassau. He son works the shop and was off that day so he filled in. How crazy that tourist shop owner in the Bahamas has ever been to Michigan and used to be pretty high up politically! You NEVER know who you'll meet!


MelissaB said...

wow. sounds amazing! we'll have to get together soon, it has been way too long since i've seen you :)