Sunday, October 12, 2008

Catch up pics!

Ok, now for some pics that I have been really wanting to post, but I figured I should probably post all the cruise ones in a row. Now I'm caught up and can post random adorable pictures of Hailey!
The day after we got back Grandma and Grandpa took us to Applewood at Mott's Farm in Flint. The three of us rode on a golf cart down the hill and got this family picture!

She and another little girl made friends and ran up and down the hill! Brittney showed me a new downloadable program called Picassa (highly recommend it by the way!) and I did some special effects to this picture!
We stopped at Meme's house on our way home and Hailey remembered there were blocks under her couch. She just had to bend into a pretzel to reach them!

The only ear of corn from our garden this year! It was about an inch long but Hailey peeled it and carried around her "baby corn" all around the house that day!

Britt also snapped this precious picture of Hailey reading the Bible. She was reading it by herself for about 10 minutes. It's just such a perfect picture. One of Meme's friends was going to use it for her Bible study.

Britt and Shelby also posted pretty cute pictures on their blogs of her. Click on their names to see the posts I'm talking about! Brittney has a video of Hailey dancing and singing in her flower girl dress and Shelby has pictures of the two girls playing at their house last weekend.


The Paulk's said...

What precious pictures of Hailey. At least she'll sit still for you to take pictures :). That first picture makes her look a lot like Nich.

Just this morning Ri grabbed our Bible and I said, Riley who does the Bible talk about and she said "Jesus". I was surprised, but it just goes to show how quickly they pick up on things.

Britti said...

lazy butt!!!

kdunnski said...

Hailey is adorable it was really fun seeing her play with Amelya! If you ever wanna have a play date at Kids~n~stuff let me know! It was a lot of fun having your family over for dinner, I hope we can do it again soon.

I also hear your walking with Brian at Crop Walk, sorry I can't be there I have to work :(