Thursday, October 23, 2008

Glasses Girls!

So I have to wear my glasses for a week. NOT excited about it. I have GPC, an eyelid disease that makes my eyelid rough so a contact doesn't fit right. Proteins build up and make bumps on my eyelid. (Dr Schaff would be proud!) Glasses for a week with steroid drops, then for the next six weeks I can't sleep with my contacts in and have to clean them with hydrogen peroxide.

Hailey hadn't seen me in my glasses for awhile and wanted to wear her glasses too! She's such a sweet heart!


The Paulk's said...

like mother, like daughter :)...

funny how she wants to be just like you, I'm sure that won't change (at least until she's a teenager :)!)

kdunnski said...

You girls look great! Hope your eye gets better quick!

What are you doing for Halloween? I think were going to Trunk or Treat at the Free Methodist church in Spring Arbor, wanna join us?